About the Climate Cafe

We cannot solve a problem no one is talking about.

The Sept. 23rd edition of Science News reports:

only 25% of Americans talk about the climate change for one hour a month, with friends or family—the rest don’t talk about it at all…Yipes.

We consider this a huge problem—we can’t solve a problem no one is talking about.

So ReReCassandras propose a weekly Cassandra Climate Cafe ‘open’ for a 2-3 hours, outside in a public space, where people are invited to come talk about climate change.

We offer free coffee, tea, cookies and cake, some inviting seats and cushions for relaxing, and ourselves, the ReRe Cassandras, who are eager to listen and learn what people think and feel.

Follow us on Social Media or check our Climate Cafe Events page to find out where we will be next! Join us for some tea, bring your favourite books and articles – your friends, family and pets and let’s change the world together!